Construction begins on Poplar Street between 25th and Brown Avenue


Monday, road crews began work on Poplar Street in Terre Haute. The goal of this project is to add a turning lane that is similar to 3rd Street.

“On Poplar Street between 25th Street and Brown, it’s kind of a busy area, what we’re doing is adding a continuous turn lane down the middle of Poplar Street,” said Brad Utz, Terre Haute City Inspector.

Utz says widening the roads and adding a turn lane will help the flow of traffic in the area where work is being done.

“A lot of the biggest traffic backups you get in that area is when somebody is trying to turn left, so they’re backing up everyone behind them until they can actually turn left. This will put all the left turn people in the center lane,” Utz said.

The project will cause the east bound lane of Poplar between 25th Street and Brown Avenue to be closed for two weeks. After the east bound lanes are worked on, the west bound lanes will then undergo work for an additional two weeks. This is construction that could impact local businesses like Baesler’s Market but the owner of the market, Bob Baesler, says he has a plan in place to hopefully keep shoppers coming through the doors.

“It will affect business, although we are wanting to celebrate the construction with in-store promotions through Facebook that we’re going to do for the next month,” Baesler said.

Baesler says although the construction could affect business for a while, he believes the changes to Poplar Street are important.

“We’ve had a number of accidents where people are wanting to turn in to the store where they’ve actually been rear-ended and so the fact that there will be a turning lane, it will make Poplar Street from 25th to Brown much safer,” Baesler said.

This project is expected to be finished within the next 45 days.

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