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With her son Michael serving in the U.S. Military, Connie Conway did what many mothers would do by looking after him.  

“My son joined the Navy in 2000 and when he was able to get a box, I would send him a box,” said Conway.

Connie would fill boxes with snacks and toiletries to send out as often as she could and that gained the interest of other soldiers who were serving with her son.

“His buddies would come up to him and say “Hey Conway got something to eat?” because they knew that I was going to send goodies and then I started sending them things,” Conway says.

After hearing stories of service men and women who weren’t fortunate enough to receive any extra goodies, Connie felt that her new purpose in life, with the help of her mother, was to make sure these soldiers weren’t forgotten.

“This one guy, he was from Montana and he didn’t get any boxes from anybody. He told me his family was poor and they weren’t able to send them, so I just took him over and sent him boxes every month,” said Conway.

Connie sends around 17 boxes every month and often times troops are surprised by her willingness to give. She said, “Some of the guys would say, “”You don’t even know me and you’re sending me all this stuff?” Yeah.”

For her, she’s just taking care of people she considers true heroes. “You’re my hero. My veterans and my active military men and women are my hero.”

Connie’s shipments helped her build relationship’s with soldiers over time, even sending e-mails back and forth. It’s a bond she says is she thankful for.  “I just want them to know that someone out here cares for them and wants to help take care of them.”

If you would like to help Connie’s cause with donations, she can be reached at (812) 466-1381.

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