Concerned Citizens push for voting center on ISU campus


A group of concerned citizens and some local organizations came together Friday to try and keep a voting center on the campus of Indiana State University.

Earlier this month, the Vigo County Election Board decided not to use the campus during this year’s municipal election.

The League of Women Voters and the Greater Terre Haute Branch of the NAACP were two of the organization on hand during a press conference at Campus Ministries to stress the importance of students using their right to vote, and to urge the board to make the ISU campus a permanent voting center.

According to NAACP branch president Sylvester Edwards, the two organizations are the perfect groups to speak on behalf of the students’ right to vote.

“We are the types of organizations that were built on the rights of voting because it took so long, so many years for woman to vote, for people of color to vote,” Edwards said. “So now, the issue is for students to vote.”

Edwards acknowledged that there are other voting centers nearby, but, he noted disabled students and manyof the staff find it hard to leave campus during the day.

The NAACP wants the election board to work with the community to establish the best opportunities for greater voter turnout and they believe that should include a voting center on the ISU campus.

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