Comparing Costs To Go Back To School


The first day of school is less than two weeks away for many students which means it is time for back to school shopping.
When you add the supplies plus the shoes and the new clothes, it can equal out to a costly amount in order to get your student back to school ready.
Some of these lists can be quite extensive and specific which can also be pretty expensive.
Brittany Jenkins has two boys heading back to school this fall, a first grader and a second grader, “the second grade list is actually shorter than the first grade list. And it is better, kindergarten list last year for him was really really long.” 

Jenkins says, typically the older they get the shorter the lists, “different projects and different stuff they do, they need different supplies.”

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the grand total gets any smaller.

“I was just going through my phone on just to see how much of the school supplies, and my amount came out to 85 dollars,” says Jenkins.
And that was just for the supplies. She also has to buy new shoes and clothes to replace what the boys have worn out or grown out of. “Probably 300 dollars by the time I am done getting everything if not a little bit more.”

Stacy Langdon has a daughter in college and a son going into kindergarten.
She says a lot has changed since her daughter was in elementary school, “the difference is the stuff they need is actually stuff for the teachers.”

Langdon says her list has a lot of class room items that she thinks the school should provide for the classrooms rather than the parents. Items like paper towels and disinfecting wipes. “Half of the stuff is not even stuff that the kid is actually going to use.” She longs for the days that you just needed the basics to go back to school, “the crayons, the markers, the glue, scissors.”

The cost of going back to school can vary depending on where you shop and what brands you buy.
Even though one item may not seem expensive, when you add them all up it can come out to a pretty penny.

The WTWO team compared two lists, ne for a kindergarten class in vigo county, the other for a fifth grade class.
The fifth grade list has less items but according to our shopping, costs 76 dollars where the kindergarten list only cost  66 dollars.
Their are programs that families can apply for in order to get some help getting everything their student needs for back to school.

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