TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)–Vigo County Commissioners awarded a bid for an estimated $2 million for the Community Crossings project.

Wabash Valley Asphalt will complete the re-pavement the following roads in Vigo County:

Old Paris Road, Thralls Road, Park Avenue, Grant Avenue, Oregon Church Road, Louisville Road and Frye Road.

The county highway department has already started prepping the roads for construction.

Vigo County Engineer, Larry Robbins, said the new roads will benefit Vigo County residents.

“Our road conditions out there are not the best. So we want to improve those. This community crossings project is part of that. It’s a way that we can leverage our local funds 50/50 with the state to get more bang for our buck and improve our roadway systems in our community,” he said.

The road construction is scheduled to be completed by the Fall.