Community and lawmakers meet for final Cracker Barrel session


At the end of this month, the legislative session for Indiana lawmakers will come to a close. Before this happens, today, folks in Vigo County had one more opportunity to make their voices heard.

The room was filled Saturday as community members gathered for this years final cracker barrel session.
Some of the issues brought to lawmakers included the controversial hate crime bill and teacher pay.

Senator Jon Ford, and State Representatives Tonya Pfaff and Bruce Borders, say around 1,400 bills were heard during 2019’s legislative session with only a handful of those making it to Governor Holcomb’s desk.
With this session coming to an end, both Representative Pfaff and Borders say the cracker barrel sessions have allowed to them understand their community’s concerns.

“As a representative I don’t always get to here from a lot of people. This is great because people come in with their concerns and you learn so much about what people are really passionate about, and I think it’s my responsibility as a representative to represent the people,” Pfaff said.

“When I come here I know that I’m going to get a lot of push back on my views. I tend to be a lot more conservative, more of a constitutionalist, than some of the folks I debate with on certain issues here,” Borders said.

All bills must be heard by Tuesday or they will then be considered dead.

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