Comforting Those Until the End


When a loved one has failing health, or is diagnosed with a terminal illness the news is heart breaking. 

And choosing how to keep them comfortable can be hard. 

Over the weekend the Bush family announced Former First Lady Barbara Bush would be seeking comfort care. 

For Trudy Rupska the terminology was confusing. 

“I think there was a huge teachable moment when Mrs. Bush went on, probably, my opinion, hospice care,” Trudy Rupska said. “I think that people are afraid of the word hospice care. I think it’s the toughest sell we have.” 

 Rupska is the long time CEO of Hospice of the Wabash Valley. She believes comfort care and hospice care are essentially the same thing. 

Hospice care is for anyone diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than 6 months to live. 

Palliative care  provides relief from the symptoms of a serious or life limiting illness that is non terminal. 

“Our job is to make sure that people have all of the support they need to be comfortable living where ever they want to live,” Rupska said. “And if they want to stay in their home how can we make that happen, how can the family support that loved one to make that happen.” 
Back in November of 2014 we spoke with the Tom McBroom who’s 91 year old mother was under hospice care. 

“Nobody wants to die in an assisted living place,” Tom McBroom said. “They all want to die at home and with the family and so that was something we had to think about and something we wanted to provide and having hospice on board made that decision a lot easier.”
It’s a tough decision, no matter the circumstance..

“What we hear at the end of life after everything’s all said and done, in those thank you cards from families that we receive and we get a lot of thank you cards from families, it’s very heart warming,” Rupska said. 
Hospice of the Wabash Valley has been servicing the area since 1983.
And currently provides assistance to more than 400 clients.  
Former President George H. W. Bush and Barbara have been together for 77 years and married for 73.

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