Local law enforcement is reminding everyone, before you hit the road, make sure you and your passengers are buckled up. The annual ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign is happening right now. It goes all the way through the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

“It needs to be a constant reminder that this is a safety feature that we need to use. The public sometimes overlooks it. It’s not an option. It’s necessary. You have to wear your seat belt,” said Vigo County Chief Deputy John Moats.

Police try to increase awareness during the campaign. They definitely increase enforcement.

“Obviously we’re concerned for their safety. We ask people to buckle up, and especially children. You know a lot of times children don’t have the mindset to know what’s right or wrong for them. Especially when it comes to seat belts. We have to be mindful of children and help them out, and say lead by example. I wear my seat belt, you need to wear your seat belt too,” said Ryan Adamson with Terre Haute Police.

Here’s a sobering reminder about the importance of buckling up. Last year in Indiana, there were more than 800 road fatalities; 33% of those victims were un-restrained.