Clean Up Plans for Mount Pleasant Cemetery


After calls to our newsroom from upset citizens, we sent crews to check on the clean-up status at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

The cemetery was hit hard by last week’s storm, and the damage was so severe it had to remain closed to the public for Mother’s Day.

Earlier Monday, Superintendent Garry Burris marked this section off with this yellow caution tape.

He says they’ve been working since six in the morning to try to get the grounds back, prepped and ready for a date soon to come.

When crews first arrived at mount pleasant cemetery, no one at the office answered. 

Shortly after, they caught up with this man, Garry Burris.

He’s worked at this cemetery for 15 years.

He says right now, they’ve started small work, but they’re playing the waiting game when it comes to the big clean up.  

“I got bids in right and my boss will call me and let me know who is gonna be accepting to clean up the mess,” says Burris.

Burris says even if the bid comes through to move the big trees, it may not happen quickly.

“Once I get the approval that doesn’t mean they’ll be here in a half hour because they’re working other places right now because we got trees down all over the city,” sys Burris. 

Mount Pleasant Cemetery has suffered extensive damage from last week’s straight-line winds.

Right now, they’re closed to the public, but with Memorial Day just around the corner, they hope to open just in time.
“We can clean it up by Memorial Day,” says Evart Foster, a groundskeeper for the cemetery. “If they get the crews in to cut the big stuff out I will definitely clean up the small stuff. We’ll be open and looking good.”

And Evart Foster is staying true to his word.

He spent Monday hard at work cutting larger limbs down and clearing headstones of fallen debris.

Both men say they take pride in their cemetery, which is why they are going to work to make sure it’s back into tip top shape.

“Just be patient with us,” says Foster. “This is nature’s doing, this is not something that we didn’t do our job. Nature did this. We just need a little time. Give us a little time to clean it up.”

Now Mount Pleasant will remain closed until the large fallen trees have been removed.

Management says that anyone who comes onto the grounds under the current condition are doing so at their own risk.

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