CLARK Co., Ill. (WTWO/WAWV) — The Clark County board met Monday morning to decide if marijuana would be sold in the county limits, voting it down 6 to 1.

The ordinance presented at the meeting says the decision was made to promote the safety and welfare of citizens.

“What’s best for the community and the county is what the issue is. And we’re only talking about benefiting a few people who are going to do it legally, but an awful lot of people who aren’t going to do things legally,” said Warren LeFever of Clark County.

LeFever adds that the vote also saves the county money in projected regulation costs.

“We can’t raise the amount of law enforcement costs without raising people’s property taxes. What it would do if we got all this stuff mixed up we’d have law enforcement costs,” he said.

Although some say that the dispensaries in Clark County would create economic gain, LeFever said there’s another way they’ll benefit.

“You still get money out of the big pot from the state that goes back to the cities and municipalities. That’s a portion by population,” LeFever said.

Other municipalities, like Marshall and Casey can still decide if they want to sell in their own city limits.

LeFever hopes they also vote no.

“It’s a benefit for the good of the county and the communities within the county,” LeFever said.

The city of Martinsville, Illinois has also voted against the selling of marijuana in its limits.

Both Martinsillve and Clark County’s prohibitions are effective Monday.

In addition to not being able to sell marijuana, ut cannot be grown, manufactured, or tested in the county.