Children in Need of Loving Homes


The holidays are right around the corner. It’s that time of year when family is on our minds. Families come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes mixed together.

November is Adoption Awareness month.

The need for loving and supportive foster families is greater than ever. More than 20,000 Hoosier children are in need of foster care.

“One of our sons said, ‘well why don’t you foster?’ and I thought, ‘I don’t know about that,'” says foster parent Mary Knoy.

The Knoy family has now provided a loving home to 14 foster children over the years, including Sami, who they call, their miracle daughter.

“She’s got what’s called CHARGE syndrome. It effects all the senses. For a while she wouldn’t let anyone hold her hand, or touch her,” says Knoy.

But with parents like Mary and Don Knoy, those days are in the past. Constantly on the move with doctors appointments and care-taking, the Knoy’s keep busy. But the love of a parent is something that doesn’t ware down easy.

“There’s times when we feel like we’re getting kind of tired, and wondering if we should just take care of Sami to be honest, but at the same time, you just look at all these kids, and you’re not quite sure. We’ve said we’re going to retire for four years now. We’re still doing it,” says Knoy.

The ultimate goal is for children to be reunited with their birth parents. For the Knoy family, even when that time comes, they still enjoy having a role in the child’s lives.

“With our case, we phase out being foster parents, and turn into grandparents. We have a lot of them that come back for holidays,” says Don Knoy.

There are many resources available for foster parents, and different agencies to choose from. The Knoy’s work with the Villages of Indiana, a therapeutic foster care provider. They encourage anyone who is thinking about taking care of a child, to give it a chance.

“If anyone who feels that they could foster, would just at least commit maybe a year, or one time around, and go ahead and do it one time, and see what happens. I think a lot of them would continue, which would help the problem. Even if they didn’t they would be helping temporarily,” says Knoy.

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For more information on becoming a foster parent, call the Villages at (800) 874-6880, or visit

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