Child Starvation Death Suspects Face More Charges


The suspects in the starvation death of a nine year old boy now face more charges.

Investigators report that Robin, Hubert and Chad Kraemer and Sarah Travioli had meth in their systems when they were arrested.

Also, all but Hubert Kraemer allegedly had THC as well.

The shouts heard from the family arrested for the death of Cameron Hoopingarner and the comments we’ve heard from surrounding neighbors claim innocence.

Sheriff Ewing describes this as the worst case he’s ever seen.

Cameron, who suffered from cerebral palsy and blindness weighed less than 15 pounds when he died.

I was in the courtroom yesterday as the suspects heard their charges of neglect of a dependent resulting in death and bodily injury.

There was a large crowd in the room in support of the family.

I decided to look further into what law enforcement saw the day Cameron was pronounced dead.

“The condition of Cameron’s body was hard to look at, and it’s hard to un-look at it.”

Vigo County Sheriff Greg Ewing says he’s seen a lot of trauma in his 26 years of wearing a badge.

He says Cameron’s cause of death, starvation, was preventable, and it’s difficult, knowing the child suffered medical handicaps that meant he had no way to find any help.

“Nobody did anything except watch that child die gradually.”

Weighing less than 15 pounds clearly isn’t something that happens overnight. Even if the child was sick with pneumonia and the flu during his last week alive.

After being in the neighborhood and hearing nearby residents coming to the suspect’s defense, I asked the sheriff how he would respond.

“My thought is that it may have been a time where he was ok, but for several days or months, he needed to go to the hospital.”

It wasn’t the first run-in this residence in Fontanet had with deputies. The sheriff said they responded to several calls out there and there were guns in the home.

Lots of family also live in the homes nearby, which is why he called for reinforcements when it came time to make the arrests.
‘From our experience, when you go to one of those residences, it brings families from other homes and quite quickly you’re outnumbered.”

A large law enforcement presence was also apparent at Thursday’s court hearing.
But the suspects don’t just draw attention out in public or on social media, they’re likely to get that behind bars, too.

“Experience tells us anyone that hurts a child we have to keep away from the general population because there is a moral code with inmates that if you hurt a child, it can jeopardize the safety of that detainee.”

Sheriff Ewing says that within the Vigo County Jail, the suspects are kept safe and secure, away from potentially dangerous inmates.

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