Changing The Scene Of Halloween


Halloween  has become a multi-billion dollar industry with more than 170 million Americans anticipated to participate in the holiday this year.
The modern celebration has been around for about one thousand years.
But this year your trick-or-treater’s may look a little different.
We may be getting a little bit more spooky ghouls and goblins than princesses and super hero’s this year.
The trends for Halloween are changing but don’t worry there will still be lots and lots of candy.
When it comes to nailing down your Halloween costume there is a lot to consider.
For some the choice was easy.

Reporter, “what are you going to be for Halloween this year?”
“Black Panther,” says Cane Miller.
“Muscle Man,” says Coda Miller.

While for others there were some interesting factors that played a part in making the choice.

Reporter, “and why did you pick Muscle Man?”
“Because I can be strong,” says Cane.
“I wanted like to be like a dinosaur but then Coda stolded that so I had to be Black Panther instead,” says Coda.

For the younger trick or treaters the popular costumes tend to follow pop culture.

“If it is popular on Netflix, more and more kids are wanting to be it,” says Dean’s Party Mania Manager, Abby McGrath.

On Halloween night be prepared for a change of scenery on your doorstep.
It seems we are going to be seeing less sweet look trick-or-treating this year and a lot more scary.

“Younger girls, they are wanting to do the scary stuff that you would typically see like a boy buying. Scarecrows, I don’t know, scarecrows are popular this year but the girls want to be a scary scarecrow,” says McGrath.

Many boys are still favoring the super hero’s.
For the adults this year an old classic seems to be selling out as the nightmare hit’s theaters for a reboot.

“Michael Myers is huge this year especially with the movie coming out yesterday. So we have the two, the 2018 mask so we have had trouble keeping it in stock,” says McGrath.

This will come as bad news to some but your least favorite villain has also become a Halloween staple.

“Clowns still, year after year we are ordering more and more. Now it is not the fun happy carnival clown anymore, it has kind of turned into the circus clown that is like freak show clown,” says McGrath.

Other top sellers this year have been unicorns, witches, and Paw Patrol characters.

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