It has been about 6 months since cannabis derived oil or CBD oil became legal in Indiana.
The product was fairly controversial on the state level but since the government has given it the “okay” it has been hard to keep the product on the shelves.

CBD oil, like any other product you would ingest, has qualities that make some better than others.
But with it’s increasing popularity, vendors are getting more creative making more people jump on board.

“Everybody is so on pharmaceuticals, they think, oh okay if this is what the government is selling pharmaceuticals, we will use that. Well now that the government has let up on the CBD, okay we are going to try that now,” says Lynn Henry.

Henry uses CBD oil and sells it at Lynn’s Boutique in Terre Haute, “it has been almost a year. I got into it not really understanding how good it was.”

She says the story her customers have shared with her have been remarkable, “inflammation, hip pain, joint pain, knees, I have a friend that had knee surgery. Nothing was touching the pain, even after her surgery and this is the only thing that has worked.”

As CBD has grown in popularity, vendors have come up with more and more ways for people to ingest it.

“Well CBD oil is one of the best sellers right now, especially since we have got it in edibles, also in smokeable. So that makes a big difference people can take it at different forms, at different times,” says Anne Davis who also sells and uses CBD products from her store in Farmersburg, The Jade Owl.

Though some of the forms available look very similar to it’s marijuana counterpart it’s all legal.

“I carry everything that has zero THC,” says Davis.

In terms of effectiveness, Davis says it depends on the person who is ingesting it, “you know it just varies per person, just like anything.”

The most effective forms of CBD are organic, water based, and full spectrum.
But, like anything, it is important to do research and consult a professional before taking any type of substance.
Forbes estimates that by 2020 the CBD industry will grow by 700 percent making it a 2.1 billion dollar industry.