Catt Sadler Returns To IU To Talk Women Empowerment


A former Hoosier turned national television host has taken on a new role in the last year that even she didn’t see coming.
She was the keynote speaker at Indiana University where she shared her experience working through adversity to a group of young women and a few men.
It was a hard choice Catt Sadler had to make.
She had to leave her dream job because of an issue many women in America are facing every day.

The gender pay gap is very prevalent across various industries in the US.
sadler is now using her platform to educate women both young and old on figuring out what they deserve and how to get it.

It was information that would empower her and change her life forever.
Sadler was working at E! Netowrk co-hosting the evening news show, E! News, as well as the networks newest day time show, Daily Pop.
Everything was great until she learned her male co-host was making more than double what she was.

“It is not that men and women should make the same money all the time. It is that equal pay for equal worth and that also speaks to equal experience or equal education or equal contributions at the same job,” says Sadler.

It was then she had to make the tough choice, after the network refused to raise her salary to closer match her co-host’s, to leave.
And that would be the beginning of her newest journey.
“It wasn’t until everyone responded the way that they did,” she says, “it really reaffirmed that this issue effects so many people, so many women across all industries. So then I really felt an obligation and a real responsibility to use my voice.”

She returned to her alma mater, to speak to a group of young women about doing their research and taking risks to get what they deserve.

“Statistics don’t lie. I mean women are underpaid. Women in this country make 81 cents on the dollar, for every black woman that is 65 cents, if you’re a Latino woman that is 55 cents. It’s not okay, we have got work to do,” she says.

But that change doesn’t come easy, “what I have learned through this process is channel your strength, declare your worth, and really back that up with proof of all of your accomplishments.” Those accomplishments can be anything you have done that is going above and beyond your job description, or anything you have excelled at while on the job. This way when the time comes for a meeting you have hard evidence to back up your request.
In the end it all boils down to a simple answer, “You have to ask yourself, do I bet on me?”

Catt says, people have to start talking to other women and men about what they make.
She says the times of dubbing conversations about pay as being taboo have to be done.
In her speech she made a point to mention that men are not the enemy in this fight. It is going to take everyone being on the same page about the issue in order to move the needle towards change.

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