Catholic Charities of Terre Haute has a program that’s feeding more than the body.

It’s providing training so those interested in food service can get a jump on jobs in the industry through faith, which matters.

Meet Brenda Keeney.

She’s a recent gradate of Catholic Charities’ Food Service Training Program.

Thanks to that program, she’s now certified on the many responsibilities of serving food.
“You’ve got to run the temperatures on all the serving lines.  You’ve got to know safe ways to serve it to protect the people that you’re feeding,” says Brenda Keeney, a graduate Catholic Charities of Terre Haute’s Food Safety Training Program.

Proper hand-washing is the first line of defense to safe cooking.

Keeney learned that along with other ServSafe skills, which she puts into practice, while preparing food at the Ryves Youth Center.

Coordinators say what Keeney and other students learn does more than just make them a safer cook.
“It may enable them to make a higher starting wage.  It may enable them to have a better position than they would have started out, because they already have all these skills,” explains Naomi Smith, food service coordinator for Catholic Charities of Terre Haute.

When the program first started, coordinators say getting students to class was challenging.

“If they don’t have a vehicle, that makes it hard for them to get in.  We’ve had to make some arrangements in a lot of cases to maybe help people to get a ride in or they’ve had to make arrangements with other family or friends to help them get to the class,” says Jennifer Buell, development director for Catholic Charities.

But, coordinators say through faith, they overcame those hurdles.

And now, faith is allowing graduates and current students to slice and dice their way to a better future.
Applications are now being accepted for the next Food Safety Training Program.

If you’re interested in taking the 10-week course, you can pick up an application at Catholic Charities of Terre Haute’s office at 1801 Poplar Street.  

And, for information on the course, call (812) 232-1447.