The 2018 local election is fast approaching, leaving the voter registration board to finalize voting centers and times. 

Some residents in attendance for Thursday’s Voter Registration Board Meeting, say that this could be one of the more important local elections we’ve seen in a while. 

A big question from concerned voters was about the number of places to do so. 

There were 18 different voting centers in 2016.

For 2018, that number will increase to 20. 

One place voters say should be on the list that isn’t, is ISU’s campus. 

“I think Indiana State contributes almost $400 million dollars a year to the local economy,” says Mike Gordon, concerned voter. “It’s the largest employer in Vigo County, which is the largest institution of higher learning in Vigo County and I think it is just plain wrong to shut them out.”

“We’re going to look forward to some more information,” says Brad Neuman, Vigo County Clerk. “Get more facts. I’d like to get a representative from Indiana State University to join us.”

The board decided to table the adoption of the voting centers and times until their next meeting. 

Kara Anderson, president of the board, says she’s not going to say yes until a plan is in place and all the facts are given.