TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – An ordinance to make Vigo County smoke-free was passed ten years ago, and its impact is still being felt in the community.

The Queen of Terre Haute casino will be a smoke-free environment as a result; a unique distinction according to the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation. They have said the casino will be the first in the country not to allow smoking. That’s due to a local, and not state, ordinance.

Brandon Halleck, CEO of Chances and Services for Youth in Terre Haute, said he was pleased the casino was willing to work with the ordinance.

“There were some concerns when we heard a casino was coming in that they would try to overturn our ordinance or they would try to do something with it,” he said. “But Churchill Downs, when they reached back out to us, they assured us that was never the case for them, that they would adhere to our local will of the people and what we want to have here in our community.”

A spokesperson for Churchill Downs said they “are always happy to work within any local ordinances or state laws.”