TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO-WAWV) — The two candidates vying for Terre haute mayor squared off Thursday evening in a mayoral debate, on WTWO.

Incumbent Republican Duke Bennett and Democrat Brandon Sakbun answered questions ranging from infrastructure, public safety, housing and quality of life. Both candidates also voiced their reasons for wanted to be mayor.

“I’m thankful to be an American citizen, I’m thankful to have served this great nation as an officer in the 75th Ranger Regiment. I’m thankful to serve our state as a member of the Indiana National Guard. I took my next fight to America’s frontline battle of education and serve as a part-time substitute teacher. And I’m ready here today to serve you the people of Terre Haute as your next mayor, said Sakbun.

“Why I’m running again is that things are going extremely well from the perspective of implementing our community plan and I have a lot of things in the process and I’d like to be able to see those things through. So, you have to want to be in politics, I guess that’s a big thing, you have to want to be a public servant and I’ve really enjoyed that to this point, and I want to continue that,” said Bennett.

After the debate, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Indiana State, Levi Allen reacted to the discussion between the two men. He said it was interesting and refreshing, when compared to other debates

” I think for many compared to the national political landscape will view it as a breath of fresh air, right Americans often report that they feel frustrated or angry or scared about politics. Tonight you had a very substantive debate where the candidates focused on the issues, you didn’t see many personal attacks at one another and I think the city and its voters and your viewers are better off,” said Allen.