Call to Action Day

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The Democrats are marching and knocking.  
The Vigo County Democratic Party teamed with the State Democratic Party Saturday, for the call to action day. 
“We found as a party locally and state wide the importance of going to grass roots efforts to find out the issues important to voters,” Joe Etling said.
That’s for the 2018 political elections. The group of fifteen went to east Terre Haute going door to door  meeting  with voters about issues that matter to them. Those issues being mostly public education and the labor force. 
Whether you haven’t registered to vote, or you chose not to vote in the last election. Joe Etling emphasizes it’s importance. Not just for you, but for the country.
“I really encourage people to vote. It’s so important and it’s the only way that we can really all be united in this country,” Joe Etling chair of the Vigo County Democratic Party said. “I have one vote, the person down the street has one vote, the person in Washington DC has one vote. So that’s one place, in that photo booth, that we are all equal.”
The goal of the call to action day is not gain more members of the Democratic party, but to listen. 
“We are not asking people to assimilate with the democratic party today,”  Joe Etling said. “We are just asking to give us their input about what issues are important to them. And we are going to listen and express that to our candidates with the hope that they will instill that in their platforms and their campaigns and make this community a better place. That’s really what it’s about.”

It is estimated that the Democratic party knocked on over two hundred and eighty doors today. 

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