Build The Cars, Eat The Cars


You’re probably familiar.with the expression, you are what you eat.  If that’s the case then some young students are cars.

Well, not really.  But, a number of aspiring engineers, built and even raced some edible cars.  It was part of Rose-Hulman’s Explore Engineering Program.

The edible car contest gave third through the eighth grade students a chance to get inspired about engineering while having fun.

“It focuses on the design aspect and no matter what field of engineering you go into, design is always going to be one of the crucial portions,  said Paige Underwood, STEM Involvement Leader. 

Over 60 kids participated in the event and the cars were made out of bananas, hot dogs, celery and more.

The young students also had the opportunity to build communication and teamwork skills.  Rose-Hulman students were on hand to encourage the young students.

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