Budding Sickness


Spring illness has hit pretty hard in the last couple of weeks. Symptoms vary from cough, cold and allergies.

Although it might be unavoidable to some, there are still some ways to keep it under control.

Many look forward to what the spring season has to offer. One side effect excluded.

“It’s hard for me to be outside, I can’t have the windows open in the house because it effects me. When I go outside, I pay for it,” allergy sufferer Irene Anderson said.

It’s an annual occurrence, especially when seasons change and pollen surfaces.

“I would say the last two weeks the amount of people requesting or complaining about allergies has really increased, the sinus headaches, the runny nose,” Milburn Pharmacist and owner Ed Walker said.

Anderson is a frequent allergy sufferer, but has learned how to cope with irritating symptoms.

“I take Claritin D 24 hour and I take that year round, but when the seasons change like this, when the pollen’s in the air. Like it started on a real windy day I was outside, and I kind of have to add Benadryl as a booster.”

Allergies aren’t the only complaint Pharmacist Ed Walker has heard recently, especially with school students.

“There’s a lot of both flu and strep going around, we’ve had a lot of liquid antibodies going out in the last two weeks. And I’m hoping for their sake they get it all cleared up before spring break,” he said.

Luckily for those suffering this spring season, you might find walking into your local pharmacy more beneficial than it has been in the past.

That’s due to several former prescription medicines now being over the counter. Antihistamine medicines like Algera and Zyrtec. Also steroid nose sprays like Flonase and Rhinocort.

“The FDA has determined that they are safe for over the counter use, but that doesn’t mean that you still don’t have to be careful, that they still have drug interactions and side effects that you want to be careful with,” Walker said.

Clearly with all of these illnesses going around, it’s important to keep yourself healthy to prevent sickness. Walker says a good diet, plenty of vitamins, especially vitamin C and Zinc can help.

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