Brewing In the Wabash Valley


Local folks are grinning from beer to beer.

Beer, but more specifically breweries are popping up all around the Wabash Valley. 

“It’s a good time to be in the Wabash Valley and liking craft beer,” David Porter said.

There’s an aroma taking over the Wabash Valley; craft beers. And for David Porter, the scent was too intoxicating to resist.

“My wife brought me like a home brew kit,” Porter said. “We talked about it for a couple of years and when she brought it for me I started reading a book. I can remember when my wife was having my first child reading that three hundred and some page book. Couldn’t get enough of it and that just continued.”

For Porter, that initial spark lead him to the Terre Haute Brewing Company where a little over a month ago he quit his day job and became head brewer.

“If you’re interested in this as a career you have to be realistic,” Porter said. “This is for passion and for the love of what you are doing. You’re not going to be rich being a beer brewer but you really get to enjoy what you do.”

Breweries have become more popular, and not just in the Wabash Valley. In the past five years, America has seen a spike in breweries opening their doors. But why is there such increase? Experts say it’s because patrons are thinking local.

“We are turning back from this culture of mass produced items,” Bill Riley said. “I think we are seeking that community. That’s why I think Indiana is such a great place for beer right now. It’s not just the beer they produce it’s the community they produce.”

Terre Haute Living Beer Columnist Bill Riley, has traveled all around the area, sipping,  and learning the art that is making suds.

Riley says happy hour has become more than just an hour.

“It’s about finding a place to get out of your house, get away from your devices, sit and have a drink with your neighbors,” Riley said. “It’s nice that people are seeing alcohol is not just something to get drunk from but really something you can celebrate around and gather together with.”

And that is true, for both the beer drinker and beer maker.

“My favorite part is getting to share with your friends and your family,” Porter said. “Right now I get to produce something artful and something quality. That’s exciting for me to let people taste the hard work that it takes into making beer.”

The Terre Haute Brewing Company has been brewing up their first batch ale and will be sharing it with the public now. Their second batch will come out next week.

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