TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – “Live PD” is a national TV program that shows a day in the life of police officers and after a unanimous vote by the Board of Public Works, the show is bringing their crews to Terre Haute.

THPD Chief Shawn Keen says during this summer, production company Big Fish Entertainment reached out to his department about being featured on the TV show “Live PD”.

“Discussion for this actually started back in July, when they reached out to us about possibly taking part in the show,” Keen said.

Months later, what started as a possibility has been become a reality after a one year contract with Big Fish and the city of Terre Haute was approved on Thursday.

The contract goes into effect immediately, with the possibility for it to be renewed.

Keen says he believes the TV show will help in multiple areas including recruitment.

“Us, just like other agencies have seen the number of qualified applicants go way down, so we think that may be a tool we can use to entice more qualified people to come here and be members of our department,” Keen said.

Officials also say they believe the show will serve as an opportunity for better transparency between the police department and community.

“Here will be a chance for us to showcase our police officers and our city in a way that they can actually see what happens when somebody goes out on call,” said Mayor Duke Bennett, City of Terre Haute.

The show will follow three to five THPD officers during the evening shift.

Live PD airs on A&E Fridays and Saturdays from 9 P.M. until 12 A.M.

Keen says producers have told him that they cannot enter homes during filming without permission, but they can film those that are in public places.

A start date for filming has not been determined.

Keen says, financially, the city could make money off of fees associated with how many times Terre Haute is shown during Live PD.