Bloomfield Police Officer, J.R. Blazier took his family to Dallas County, Missouri It was supposed to be a fun family vacation.

But the camping trip ended when two-year-old Elliott Blazier was struck and killed by a vehicle.

During this devastating time for the Blazier’s the Bloomfield community has come together in support.

Lt. Marvin Holt says that the Blazier’s are shocked by all of the love they have received.

“We have set up a food train. They are not having to worry about the burden of cooking and feeding the whole family. There has just been tons of food they’ve got refrigerators and freezers full of food. They are running out of space actually,” said Lt. Holt.

To continue the support a committee will meet to plan an event for the family by late July.

“It is just one of those things that you hope that your blue family will be there, and we are. Not just this county but surrounding counties, they have all called in and they are with them,” said Holt.

And the Blazier’s are getting condolences from more than just the Bloomfield Police Department.

Ryan Adamson from Terre Haute P.D. says that there is a special bond between officers.

“Seeing people show up having them hug you, wearing the same uniform, knowing they hear the same things they go through the same things, everyday. That is important,” said Adamson. 

Lt. Holt says as a police officer there are a few things you always do.

“You don’t go to sleep mad, and before you walk out that door no matter what, you hug them and kiss them and let them know that you are there.”