Blocked Off


Where there’s construction, there’s often disruption in routine.

“A lot of these projects its just impossible to do without some inconvenience to the people that live there,” Bradley Utz, Director of Inspection with the City of Terre Haute, says.

One of the current paving projects in Terre Haute, along Wheeler Avenue, butts up to several housing areas.

“A lot of people have to park a ways away from their house and walk it, for the time that we’re in there,” Utz says. 

Utz says that project, along with the project down Crawford St. from 19th-25th, should be finished next week. But there are some more long term closures creating a hassle for drivers, like Margaret Ave.

“It’s been a bit of a pain getting through there,” Jmardas Hillas, a local resident, says. “I mean hopefully it all turns out great at the end, but it’s been a lot of construction.”

Utz reminds people that the projects are meant to benefit the public. 

“The roads aren’t getting any better if we don’t do anything with them, I mean roads deteriorate over time, and we’ve got a lot of ’em,” Utz says. 

And the need for better roads gives locals an open mind about the temporary inconveniences.

“It’s good though that they’re trying to fix the roads and get ’em all together for everybody in the community,” Hillas said.

Utz says the city is still hopeful that they can get the Margaret Ave. project open to traffic by the end of the year. He said there is no guarantee, but that is their goal. 

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