Bison-tennial Statues


Indiana’s Bicentennial celebration isn’t until December, but on Monday, Vincennes became among the first to receive an important part of a Bicentennial legacy project.

 “The bison in a lot of ways is representative of the progress and movement into Indiana and the whole story begins with the bison,” said Frank Doughman, the superintendent at the George Rogers Clark National Park.

Standing five feet tall, and made of white fiberglass, the bison will eventually tell an imporant story with its decoration. Students from Vincennes University will compete to have their design cover the statue.

Stephen Black/VU Art & Design Dept. “Here we’re going to design the blank canvas of a bison to represent the cultural and historical importance of this area,” said Stephen Black from VU’s Art and Design Department.

The Indiana Association of United Ways is coordinating the Bison-tennial. The goal is to have a decorated bison on display in each of the state’s 92 counties. Folks at the United Way of Knox County are happy to be leading the herd on this project.

“It all started here, you know there wasn’t 1816 until there was 1732. And Vincennes being the oldest city in Indiana and Knox County, and at one time being almost the entire state of Indiana we feel we have a strong representation in the early history and on-going history of Indiana,” said Mark Hill, the Executive Director of United Way of Knox County.

The art should be complete around Memorial Day. Local communities are expected to diplay the decorated bison along route of the Bicentennial Torch Relay.

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