State Representative Tonya Pfaff (D-Terre Haute) files legislation she says would make it easier for Hoosiers to vote.

House Bill 1256 would extend polling hours to 8 P.M. and allow Hoosiers to register to vote up until noon on Election Day.

“Indiana has traditionally had poor voter turnout to the point that it was celebrated when we reached over 50 percent in 2018,” Pfaff said. “We should always be striving to do better as a state.”

She says that by the time many people become interested in the election, it is too late for them to register.

She also feels that extending the poll hours would be beneficial to a lot of people.

“Most Hoosiers work during the day,” Pfaff said. “They want to go home and feed their kids. By the time dinner is over, the polls are closed and they’ve missed their opportunity to vote. All Hoosiers deserve an equal opportunity to take advantage of their right to vote.”