Bike Trouble at ISU


With any new venture, there’s usually room to work through some kinks.

But a new program at Indiana State University could use a little more TLC.

ISU’s new Bike Share Program is a constant work in progress over at the ISU Sustainability Center on 11th and Chestnut.

Around 50 bikes have been damaged and in need of repair, while others not returned to campus.

“As you can see the handle bars are straight, the tires are sideways… It looks like the bike was thrown off a balcony and ran over a couple of times,” said Caleb Law, Bike Share manager.

Letting loose 130 bikes around Indiana State University’s campus and surrounding neighborhoods is bound to bring about some trouble.

“Somebody stripped a bike, then we have bikes that don’t have working handle bars.,” said Caleb.

Snapped kick stands, bent baskets, missing lights and overall dents and damages are other issues.

Caleb Law, an ISU senior, manages the program; he also repairs and retrieves all of the bikes.

“Anywhere a bike is, a student is able to rent it from that location, so you open the spin app it shows where any of the bikes are, you scan the barcode and go,” said Caleb.

On Thursday the heaviest location for the bikes, aside from the sustainability center waiting for repairs, was along South Sixth Street.

“Obviously some people have been misusing them like leaving them in bad places, having them get hit against stuff,” said Noah Murrmann, ISU student.

Noah Murrmann lives with some fraternity brothers in a house along South Sixth. One of his roommates used the bike and he says it’s been sitting outside their house for a couple of weeks.

“They’re kind of just stranded every which way, you can be walking to the store or to campus and you just see a bike stranded in an alley way or something like that,” said Noah.

Over the summer, it’s Caleb alone who retrieves the bikes. He can monitor how far they travel.

Recently a group of four took the bikes all the way near the south Walmart; and caleb was relieved that they rode them back.

“It’s me on foot, I walk around, I grab one bike and then I ghost ride it back to campus,” said Caleb.

Despite all the work the Bike Share Program takes, Caleb says he hopes they can bring in more bikes next year; totaling to 200 and that he sees more students riding.

He also wants to see more students taking care of the bikes and making sure they bring them back to campus.

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