Beeing of Use


Imagine life without one third of the food you eat. That’s the impact honeybees have directly on foods like apples and almonds.

But it’s even greater considering their indirect impact which includes American favorites like beef.

“At this point, bees cannot survive on their own more than a couple of years. There’s no such thing as a feral colony of honeybees,” Sophia Lohrman said.

Sophia may look young, but she’s very wise for her 16 years of age. She took up bee keeping activity and avid research at age 9 when her father bought their family’s first bunch of bees.

“Einstein had a quote that said if bees died out, we’d all die in four years.”

Sophia says she doesn’t necessarily think the outcome can get so drastic, but honeybees are vital to nearly everything we eat.

That goes all the way to pollinating the alfalfa that cows eat making their beef taste better.

Naturally occurring varroa mites can infest a honeybee colony… The mites suck up all of the bees hard working energy. Also man made pesticides are lethal. Which is where education is vital.

You can actually put a little bit of honey, syrup, something sweet on your finger and they’ll actually crawl up and enjoy some of that sweetness, which will give them a little boost of energy to continue through their day.

But the biggest thing you can do to give back to the honeybees.   

“Support your local bee keepers,” Sophia said.

And the Lohrman’s have quite the bee-stro to make that an easy task.

“We hope that this is a peaceful place where people can come at get a little rejuvenated too,” Jodi Lohrman, owner and cook at the bee-stro said.

The bee-stro’s been open since April and already crowds are nearly doubling in expectation. Honey is used in many of the menu’s  choices. And just upstairs is the bee supply store, which has already pollinated inspiration for some regulars.

“We have two customers who have said, ‘hey, I want to start bee keeping,'” Jodi said.

 Sophia tells me that honeybees contribute 80 percent of pollination out of all insects. Their intention is to pollinate purposefully which benefits humans in having food. One honeybee is actually equivalent to about one cell in your body.

If you’d like to check out the Honeysuckle Hill Bee-stro and Bee supply shop, they’re open Fridays and Saturdays in Brazil from 11 a-m to 2 p-m and 5 p-m to 9 p-m.



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