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There might be times when you need to go to court, but either don’t want or can’t afford an attorney.

After 3 years, Jamie Kriescher realized her marriage was not going to work.

Jamie Kreischer says,”We decided it was better to be apart than to stay together.”

With the split friendly, she decided to file for divorce without the use of a lawyer.

Kreischer says, “So all I did was went down to the courthouse and paid the money and filed.”
Clay County Clerk Amy Jordan says it’s common for the clerk’s office to see people file for divorce on their own or “pro se.” You just want to make sure you fill out the correct paperwork.
Amy Jordan says, “We have to file whatever you bring in but you may get up to the judge and have the wrong paperwork and then you’re going to have to wait longer because you’re going to have to re-file it.”

Besides divorce papers, people also file things like small claims forms when they feel people owe them money and protective orders.

Some county clerk offices provide the necessary paperwork, but most forms can be found at the Indiana Judicial Center Website.

It’s a site run by the state court system.

While the Indiana Supreme Court recommends against proceeding in court without a lawyer, it understands there are times when people simply can’t afford or perhaps don’t want one.

So besides providing necessary forms, the website also provides videos showing you how to represent yourself in court in a variety of cases.
Although remember in criminal cases you are guaranteed the right to an attorney and if you can’t afford one, an attorney will be appointed for you.

As for Jaime, filing for a divorce on her own worked well.

She has since moved on and remarried.
By the way, when it comes to filing for a divorce in Indiana, the cost is $156 or $176 dollars depending on the county where you live.

Judicial Center Website Self Service Legal Center: Click Here

Divorce Forms: Click Here  

How to Videos: Click Here

*Note there are other videos found with the various topics

Small Claims information: Click Here

Protective Order information: Click Here

Other Forms: Click here

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