Avoiding Illness at the Fair

Terre Haute, IN - Fair-goers are being warned to be careful around fair animals. With one reported case of the swine flu in Indiana this year, the Vigo County fair is making sure to keep it's participants safe.

"Before the animals are even allowed in to the pens there's a vet that checks them out, coming off the trailer. So all the animals here have been cleared" says Taylor Guevara, Queen of Vigo County fair. 

Taylor Guevara knows her way around the fairgrounds as a former 4-H'er and now Fair Queen. She says measures are in place to make sure spectators are staying healthy.

"There's also multiple restrooms and everything around the fairgrounds where people can wash their hands" said Guevara.

Asking questions to the animals owners can also help avoid any safety issues.

"You can always ask anyone who looks like they have livestock. Ask them if it's ok to pet their animals or if they know one's that are safe to pet", Guevara.

Touching animals and not washing your hands is the most common way to contract illnesses but there are other causes.

"You can get sick even if you're not touching the animal. Just being in their area can be contaminated. So even if you're just over in that area make sure that you wash your hands when you leave." said Roni Rozina, Vigo County Health Educator.

There are petting farms on the fairgrounds for those would to touch the animals but it is still advised to wash your hand afterwards.

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