Are Your Signs In The Right Spot


Political signs are everywhere to get your attention, but are the campaign signs you drive past and in your yard legal?
“Well the rules can be a little complicated,” said Terre Haute City Attorney, Eddie Felling.

“The ordinance spells out size and location of the signs. Residential signs are 2 square feet and go up from there. There are provisions for 4 square foot signs or 4 by 8 signs but those are in commercial areas,” said City Engineer, Chuck Ennis.

You are allowed one sign for a person in each political office. But one of the biggest issues is location.

“The main ones we try to focus on here in the city is keeping signs out of the right away. You can’t have any political signs in tree rows. One place we see them often is that space between the road and the sidewalk. That is part of the city right of way,” said Felling.

If any of the town inspectors see a sign that isn’t in compliance the sign will be moved and held for the candidate at the city police department.

“Our office is complaint driven. If someone calls in about a sign and a sign location being an obstruction we will send one of our instructors out to pull the sign,” said Ennis.

“At the end of the day we care first and foremost about safety. It’s not picking and choosing between candidates or trying to interrupt anybodies campaign. We just want to make it safe for our community and an even playing field as much as possible,” said Felling.

For a full list of the rules and regulations click here.

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