Are Your Pets Following Rules?


If you are a full time resident with pets in Terre Haute or Vigo County you may be breaking the law. That’s because there are rules that you may not know about, concerning your furry friend.

While it may seem like an unnecessary fee, It’s an effort the city is making to help protect animals and fight the city’s stray pet population.

“When we go out to check on welfare of dogs or animals or complaints, like running at large, or whatever the complaint may be, we check on the dog’s rabies vaccinations, and their city license,” said Terre Haute Animal Control officer, Rick Scheid.

That city license costs $5 for spayed and neutered pets and $100 for those that are not. When we asked pet owners about the license, there was a comon response.

“We have two dogs and we have three indoor cats,” said Anna Wojak.

When asked if she had heard of the pet license before?

“No honestly, I feel so sad. I’m like ‘oh no!’,” responded Wojak.

“To be honest with you, I hear it quite frequently. You know, ‘I didn’t know I was supposed to have a city license and how long has it been in effect?’ and exactly, I don’t know, but it’s been over a decade that they’ve had this ordinance in effect,” said Scheid.

However after learning more about the city code, pet owners understand the importance and feel it improves the saftey of pets.

“The only thing I first thought of, because of these hoarding cases, we’ve been seeing. So many on the news, which it’s so sad that people would do this to animals. I can’t imagine, but the first thing in my mind was just oh, probably just these hoarding and over-breeding things going on,” said Wojak.

“The reasoning for the license is, to cut it two-fold, it’s so we can kind of have an idea of how many pets are in the city and where they’re at. And also it’s kind of an enticement for the spaying and neutering,” said Scheid.
When adopting a pet from the Terre Haute Humane Society they do give you the appropiate information on how to make the right steps, however it’s up to the pet owner to do so.

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