Are Police Calling You?


Scammers are calling and residents are sick of it. 

“It’s getting to where you can’t trust nobody,” Tom Haley said.  

Tom Haley and his wife say they regularly receive scam calls and it’s annoying.

“Like for your credit card,” Haley said. “They want to improve your credit rating and everything. Course the biggest one we get is you’ve won a trip. And it’s kind of hard to win a trip when you’ve never registered.” 

The latest scam hitting Vigo County says you’ve won a trip, to jail, unless you pay a fine. 

“They try to make it sound as valid as they can but it’s all completely a scam,” Moats said. 
Bogus cops claim to be with the sheriff’s office warrants and citation division. They try to scare and convince the person to pay up to avoid arrest.

Something Chief Deputy John Moats says would never happen. 

“We don’t have that division and we don’t search for people that way,” Moats said. “If you have a warrant we are probably going to knock on your door not calling you on the phone demanding money,”

So what do you do if you suspect a bad guy is calling?

“Just flat out hang up,” Moats said. “If they call back, call us.”

So far the Vigo County Sheriff’s Department has received around a half dozen complaints about the scam. As far officials know no one has fallen for it. If you get one of these calls contact the sheriff’s department.

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