Appalling Gravel Road Needs Attention


Some unhappy neighbors are facing a tough decision.

Residents who live on Florence Court in Prairieton just off of State Road 63 are dealing with horrible road conditions.

The situation is so bad the issue is bringing to light other problems.

A husband and wife are trying to get the word out to their friends and neighbors to finally get a fix to their appalling road conditions.

“We have waterfront property at times because of the mud holes,” says Kenneth Beatty. 

Unfortunately, their battle isn’t just about one or two deep holes..

 “Kids play in those mud puddles like it’s a swimming hole,” says Elaine Beatty. 

Their gravel road is littered every few feet with hole, after hole, after hole. 

“We’re not in some ba-ha land or Wizard of Oz place,” says Elaine Beatty. “We’re in the United States of America.”

“Why can’t we come together as a community and fix these?” asks Ashley Conder.

“I just want someone to help essentially,” says Elizabeth Walden. “I mean, I don’t know why people don’t care anymore.”

Not only is the poor condition of the road impacting the lives of those who live here, it’s also a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The large voids in the gravel have also cost people money.

A number of residents have had to purchase mufflers, windshields, and fix rust spots, but it’s about more than just the money.

“It goes back to compassion and humanitarianism,” says Kenneth Beatty. “I mean, Jesus look at that. It goes back to being a human being.”

“We just want something to where we’re not all bobble-heading when we go down the road,” says Walden.

“Possibly getting whiplash,” says Conder. 

Residents don’t really blame anybody for this situation, but they do want help.

“We don’t want them paved with gold or anything,” says Kenneth Beatty. “We just, you know, want a decent driving surface. A safe driving surface.”

The property in this court is all privately owned so Vigo county isn’t held accountable.

The Beatty Family calls their street their own private roller coaster  that isn’t any fun.

Bottom line, they just want to encourage their community to come together and fix an issue that effects them all.

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