Annie in Her Element


It’s been a busy week for the Martin family. Their dog Annie, finally returned home after nearly five months of running around Terre Haute.

Annie was a very skiddish dog and after she escaped from the vet in Terre Haute in September, she’s been on the run and was hard to capture.

But after her return, her persona has changed completely. She’s grateful to be home and even interested in some new friends. That’s after a variety of people showed her family how much they were rooting for her.

“We got a hotel and we were checking in and we were like, ‘we’re just trying to find our dog’ and she’s like, ‘it’s not annie is it?’ and we were like, ‘yes it is’ and she was like, ‘let me get you a discount,'” Annie’s owner Jami Martin said.

Nearly everybody knows Annie. Her face was posted on signs all throughout terre haute for the past five months. And many are happy to hear of her homecoming.

The Martins got the call at 2 AM Wednesday from Terre Haute that she had been lured into a live coyote trap with hotdogs and was ready to come home.

“Minute he opened that cage, she just ran rigth to me jumped on me and i was just loving her up and losing my mind.”

Jami says although she lost her dog, she never lost hope and was even able to gain something from this loss.
“My gosh it has brought so many amazing people into our lives, people who have gone from acquaintances to great friends.”

Many people called with spottings of annie around town, trying to get her home.

Perhaps Annie could feel her community’s support. Jami says she’s always been shy and scared, but now things are different.

“She’s more social which is unbelievable.”

She has lost about 25 percent of her body weight, has matted fur, is pretty filthy and tested positive for lyme diesease during her time on the run, but all is well now that she’s home.

“If you’ve ever loved a child or a person and you had a piece of your heart missing, if you could do anything to get that piece back you would do it.”

The Martin’s relentlessness to find Annie ended in reward and a renewed sense of family values.

“I have a whole world of respect for the lengths my husband will go to keep his family together and keep them happy, it has definitely helped with our relationship with god too and just staying faithful.”

Jami’s husband, Andy would check the live traps set around town in Terre Haute everyday, even bringing his bike to search for Annie. He handed out business cards to many of the people he came across.

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