Animal Neglect Charges Pending Investigation


For some with the Terre Haute Code Enforcement, it’s the worst case of animal neglect they’ve seen.

Just this week a call brought officers to a home where a dog weighed dozens of pounds under his expected weight he also had a decaying tumor on his mouth that kept him from eating.

This case was one that there was no good outcome.

This is the dog Terre Haute Code Enforcement found Wednesday afternoon after a neighbor called in.

“Extremely emaciating, we attempted to give it a sedative to help ease any nerves it had going on, any pain it was having, unfortunately it was so emaciated, that whenever we injected the dog with the sedative, the solution dripped right out of its skin,” Steve Williams with Code Enforcement said.

A massive tumor on the dogs mouth, had grown over his jaw, back of the tongue and neck. As you can imagine, there would be no way to eat comfortably and this dog hadn’t in weeks.

Williams said the dog was rushed to a local vet

“The dog should have weighed well over 50 pounds, and then when we took it in, the vet did weigh it, it weighed 14 to 15 pounds.”

The dog was euthanized because his condition was so severe.

This is a rarity seen by Code Enforcement and the Terre Haute Humane Society. Sarah Valentine, assistant manager at THHS, says both entities work closely together to provide better care to animals.

“We receive animals from code enforcement almost daily,  a lot of the time we get them back home because that is our ultimate goal, is we want them to go back home to their people, sometimes that doesn’t happen.”

Like with this case. Now code enforcement is looking to press charges against the dog’s owner once the investigation is complete.

Despite the outcome of this case, there’s one positive detail. That the dog was reported.
“More citizens are concerned about animals in their area. Neighbors’ animals, etc. More people are watching out for those animals,” Williams said.

If you see something suspicious with a local animal, Code Enforcement will check it out. If you have a pet that you cannot care for, Code Enforcement will connect the animal with appropriate resources.

In this case the tumor was untreated for several months.

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