Officials are wondering who is to blame after a call came in to Clay County of a cat who was suffering severe injuries from a gun shot wound.

The cat is recovering after he was found shot in the leg and grazed by another bullet.

Coal, is a male cat, that was brought into the Clay County Humane Society on Saturday.

After realizing the severity of his injuries he was rushed to Heritage Animal Hospital in Terre Haute where inside they found shattered bones, bullet fragments, and infection from going days without treatment.

He had to have surgery to get his leg amputated but is expected to make a smooth recovery.
Officials from the Humane Society think that despite his injuries, Coal could still be someone’s forever pet.

Kendra Wingerter from the Clay County Humane Society says “It just takes the right person, but there is a lot of people that they, they kind of want a special needs animal because they maybe feel like they have something special that they can give to the animals.”

Coal is expected to leave the hospital Wednesday, where then the shelter will start looking for a family to foster him while he recovers before he is put up for adoption.

There is still no word on who shot him or who his owners are.

If you are interested in sheltering Coal, you can contact the Clay County Humane Society at 812-446-5126.