Looking to rejuvenate a room in your home, but don’t have the budget for a massive remodel? A fresh coat of colorful paint on your ceiling is an excellent way to add warmth or eye-catching flair.

Most of us look around when thinking about painting projects, but the trend now is to also look up.

Neal Fine, Professional painter, A lot of people now are going with these colored ceilings, either painting it a vivid color or just maybe a gray or some are adding sparkles. Some are adding faux finishes.”

Decorators say the traditional white ceiling is fine if your room is small or it coordinates with other features, but if you want some pizzazz or to define a space in a large room, an accent color is the way to go.

Angie Hicks, Angie’s List Founder, “Adding color to your ceiling paint can really give your room a dramatically different look, especially if you’ve got a tray or coffered ceiling. Painting that can add great depth.”

Neal Fine, It draws your eye towards the ceiling where it normally doesn’t get drawn, and then it gives you a good conversation piece as well.”

So what colors work? That depends a lot on your taste and what you want to achieve.

Neal Fine, “We always recommend that if the room’s wide open and vast, then you can get away with just about any color, but if the room’s small, you should stay away from the darker colors.”

Uneven lighting can make your ceiling paint look darker than your wall paint, so if you are trying to match the two, ask your paint mixer to cut the color to about half-strength. Also, get a paint made specifically for ceilings – it will splatter less and hide imperfections better.

Painting can be a great D-I-Y project, but Angie says to make sure you have the time, tools and patience before your start, especially if you have a textured ceiling. Those jobs are often best left to the pro’s.