Outdoor kitchens have been popping up in backyards all across the country over the last five to 10 years. That also means an increased demand for natural gas grills.

Natural gas is cheaper propane.It costs about 50 percent less.  

Russ Greene, Grill retailer, “They want to save money over time. They’re making a commitment to their outdoor living space, so they know that they’re going to have a permanent grill in that location, and they don’t’ want to have the hassle of going and refilling your propane tank and possibly running out of fuel.”  

That convenience has also motivated many people to convert their propane grills to natural gas. Conversion kits are available for less than a hundred bucks, but it may be a job best suited for a pro.

Russ Greene, “That conversion kit, you need to actually exchange not only the gas that’s coming in from either your propane tank or your gas at home, you have to change every orifice that’s going into your burners.”

Angie Hicks, “In order to have a natural gas line installed for your grill, you need to contact a licensed plumber. You should also ask that plumber to do the conversion of your grill as well.”

Angie also recommends having that new gas line constructed with black pipe instead of the flexible tubing some plumbers like to use. It’s more durable and should last for decades.

Another benefit of using natural gas is that it burns a little cleaner than propane, which makes it better for the environment, and it reduces the exhaust in the air helping your food taste better.