Nearly eight million property crimes occurred around the country last year resulting in more than 14-billion dollars in losses.

That’s inspired many consumers to install their home alarm systems themselves but are they effective?
 With typical do it yourself alarms a loud noise or siren oges off if someone triggers it.

Professional monitoring can be added to DIY systems so that police are called when the system is triggered. That will add a monthly fee to your budget.

“With DIY alarm systems, you don’t have to get monitoring. If you want to use it as an alarm to scare off a burglar when they come through your front door, you can do that.”

“A DIY system can provide your home extra security and can be easy to install, but if you want constant surveillance, you need to consult with a professional.”

Even though it’s an extra monthly bill Angie says police monitoring can mean a break on homeowners’ insurance as well and more peace-of-mind.