Angie’s List: Bicycle Maintenance

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Those who enjoy riding their bike want to keep it working properly.

According to Angie’s List, doing regular maintenance on your bike will extend its life.

On a routine basis, check the air pressure in your tires. Also check your brakes and chain. And then, prepared just in case something happens when your riding.

Scott Helvie Bike Expert, “We highly recommend carrying what we call an essentials kit. It’s a seat bag. It’s got a tire lever in it. It’s got a patch kit in it. You can either carry a frame pump on your bike or some CO-2 cartridges for air pressure and then the appropriate tube that fits into your tire.”

Just like a car needs an oil change, your bike chain needs regular lubrication, generally every couple hundred miles.

A drop of lube on each link helps. In addition, buy a new chain about every 2,000 miles.

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