Angie’s List: Air Duct Cleaning 2017


Qualified duct cleaners out there, but according to Angie’s List, there are also scammers.

They use low prices to get in the door and then scare homeowners into expensive and possibly unnecessary work.

Many people question whether duct cleaning offers significant health benefit. But some allergy sufferers swear by it. If this is a service you’re interested in, one way to judge quality versus a scam is the price and time on task.

Typically air duct cleaning costs about 300 dollars and takes two to four hours to complete.

Dave Adams, air duct cleaning professional says, “It’s simply a bait-and-switch. They get into the house and I can tell you exactly what they’re going to tell you: they’re going to find mold and the price is going to go from $59 to $800 immediately.”

Mold scams are common in the duct cleaning industry. Unscrupulous contractors may even show you evidence they actually brought in themselves.

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