Alternate Thanksgiving Meals

With people back home for the holidays, you might be facing the challenge of feeding someone with a food allergy or special diet. 
Local dietitians say for vegetarians, vegans, those who need gluten free, of those who have other food allergies, Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a lost holiday. 
Rolls, turkey, ham and deviled eggs may be on everyone else’s plates, but those who prefer plant-based foods or gluten free items don’t have to miss out.
“So there are lots of alternatives out there,” says Sarah James, licensed dietitian. “There’s rice flour, there’s oat flour, there’s quinoa flour, quinoa pasta. There’s all sorts of different kinds of things, and anymore,  if you’re talking about especially gluten, I think we live in a great era where there are a lot of gluten free varieties.”  
James also says that inclusion is what family gatherings and the holidays are really about. 
“So it all kind of comes together with food,” says James. “So you don’t want to leave anybody out, I think, because number one, I mean, how would you feel if you came to a place where that’s the main star of the show and you can’t touch any of it? So I think it’s super important, especially if you’re the one hosting or if you’re having people come over that you are at least aware of somebody’s intolerances or allergies so that you can provide something to make them feel included.”
Baesler’s market does have a plant-based section by the deli, which is safe for all alternative eaters. 

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