Action on Animal Neglect


The Clay County Humane Society was able to save one poodle from poor living conditions.

Officials say the dog was even uncomfortable in her own skin.

The neglect case has received a lot of social media feedback.

And now the shelter is working toward consequences for the previous owner.

This case is just one of many in the community.    

Luckily, for the poodle, Lilly, a Clay County resident saw her running around in bad weather conditions heading toward highway traffic.

She was taken to the local humane society, but didn’t stay for long.

Lilly first came to the Clay County Humane Society looking like this, hair matted, preventing her from walking properly or even hearing.

“We were able to bring in a professional groomer to remove all her matted hair which according to the groomer had been that way for well over a year,” Michelle Cannava, with the Clay Co. Humane Society said.

Pictures of Lilly’s make-over were posted to the society’s Facebook page, many from the community noticed the dog and had known about her state of neglect for years. Through this, manager of the humane society Michelle Cannava was able to talk with the owner who said to keep the dog.

“We do plan on pursuing negligance charges we will be providing a report to the prosecutors office this week,” Cannava said.

With one chapter of Lilly’s life closed, it wasn’t long before she started a new one and there was no more hiding this sweet face under matted fur.

“Lilly got a lot of attention, in fact we had to shut down the application process after 24 hours of being on Facebook,” Cannava said.

“I put an application in, I think I was one of 80, so I was very blessed to get her,” Debby Pfleging said.

Seeing Lilly with her new owner, Debby Pfleging, there’s no doubt the dog got a happy ending.

But Pfleging say they’re both blessed.

“She’s so sweet and so well behaved and she’s just going to be a wonderful companion.”

A life together full of walks, pats and grooming.

“If you make a commitment to an animal it’s life long.”

The Clay County Humane Society isn’t just pursuing charges on Lilly’s previous owner.

They also got word of another dog in the county who was stranded outside in his flooded dog house. There was even a potential for drowning.

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