It’s certainly not the way most teens do it, but this 15 year old started and ended high school in the same school year, all without stepping foot in a classroom. 

On most days this is where you’ll find 15 year old Walter Wildman, typing away on his computer.

But Walter is not your typical 15 year old.

In January Walter graduated high school.

“Are you sure? Most of the reactions are, are you sure it’s accredited or are you lying,” Walter Wildman said.  

But it’s true. 

“Please accept this letter of verification that the above name has finished all required classes to graduate from the great James Madison High School and earn a high school diploma,” Wildman said.  

And he did it in just four months. 

“It’s a weight taken off,” Wildman said. “You know I don’t have to wake up every day and I’m not having to worry about studying this, studying that. It’s already done and through.” 

Walter started at Terre Haute South High School last August. 

But after attending for a month, he found himself looking for more difficult classes.

He turned to online courses through James Madison High School in Norcross, Georgia. 

It’s an accredited high school that let’s students learn at their own pace and time. 

And although Walter says he’ll miss not having the traditional high school experience, he’s excited to start the next chapter in his life. 

“You have to be very determined,” Wildman said. “So you know like why stop yourself if you can go ahead.” 

Walter, will travel to Georgia in August and officially walk across the stage to receive his diploma.
Until then  he is looking start to college next month, and plans to get associate degrees in criminology and nursing. 
And when he’s old enough, he hopes to become a military nurse and eventually join the police force. 
His parents are very proud.
Walter will be the first one in his family member to attend college.

Congratulation and best wishes to Walter. 
Distance learning is not a new trend. 
Walter’s school, James Madison, claims to have more than  half a million  students attending its online classes.