A Sense of Beginning


Five siblings, from as far away as Oregon, Washington and Arkansas were able to meet up today in Shelburn for a very unique family gathering.

It’s been a lifetime of curiosity and imagination for these siblings. They share the same father, who was active in the military, but two different mothers. There was little said about their blood line growing up, so they have a lot of catching up to do.

“So to find these brother… (Laughs) They’re like him,” Miki Gross (formerly Wilson) said.

The Wilson brothers and their sister came to their father’s grave site in Shelburn to pay  respects, what’s often viewed as a solemn setting, is happy for them.

“It’s fun to be here actually,” Mike Wilson said.

Mike and his older sister Miki didn’t get to share a childhood with their dad after their parents divorced early on. Their father remarried and started a second family with John, Grahame and Dave’s mother in Indiana. The three also had a sister, Dawn, who’s passed.

“We got to grow up with our father and so there’s a lot of stuff we know about him that they don’t know, so it’s good for us to be able to share with them, so that they get to really know who he was,” Grahame Wilson said.

It’s only day two that the siblings have spent together. Mike and Dave both looked into their family ancestry through Myheritage.com their paths crossed through the web waves about a year ago.

“I got a message from Myheritage and Micheal that they linked us up… We found our brother, that’s our brother,” Dave Wilson said.

 A lifetime of longing has finally been healed, you might think for the Wilsons, it’s a sense of closure.

“To me it’s more like a sense of opening,” Mike said.

“A sense of beginning,” Miki said.

“Just a new chapter and moving forward,” Grahame said.

It really was pretty awesome to see these siblings together today, joking and bonding already. Mike, who never had the chance to really meet his father says his new brothers tell him how much he resembles him. Family members say they look forward to keeping in contact with one another even if it is long distance.

The Wilsons who are all in their 5’0s and 60’s now met yesterday at a restaurant in Plainfield. After we met with them today, they joined even more extended family in Sullivan. The Wilsons want to thank Myheritage.com for encouraging and guiding their union.


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