A Score for the Economy


Soccer season has officially kicked off in the Wabash Valley, 

As 80 youth soccer teams from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky And Ohio, traveled to Terre Haute for the 11th Annual Midwest Classic Tournament. 

And the more than 2 thousand guests  were greeted with rain. 

“It’s been pretty good, really good other than rainy and cold,” Brett Giesler said. “You always hope that the weathers not going to be like this on a tournament. Are luck never seems to go that way but it’s been fun.”  
Spending weekends traveling across the Midwest for soccer tournaments is common for Brett Giesler and Alvin Bouglin. 

Both have 11 year old sons who play on the traveling soccer team from Ferdinand, Indiana. 

And this was their first time coming to Terre Haute for the tournament. 

“They have a lot more selection than we have down in southern Indiana,” Giesler said. “So it’s like a treat to us.” 

The 3 day tournament is also a treat for local business and retailers as well.  

“Oh absolutely, all the local vendors, as well as all of the restaurants, hotels and just in general some exposer to Terre Haute to some of those who don’t necessarily get out here normally,” Todd Lacomba said.  

During the tournament family’s are given a packet from the visitors bureau with coupons, information and a guide of Terre Haute. 

Making for a busy weekend for local restaurants, hotels, retailers.  

Which helps Terre Haute’s economy and attracts families to return. 

“They are generally very pleased and people that come in from out of state typically come back year in and year out because they enjoy what they provide as a community,” Lacomba said.  

The trip was a memorable and enjoyable experience for Gielser and the team.    

And they look forward to coming back for more tournaments. 

“They have fun so win or lose we keep on going,” Giesler said.  

With wet conditions soccer is an extremely messy sport, parents at the event said the number one business they looked for while here, was laundry mats and hotels with 24 hour access to washers and dryers, so they can clean their kids jersey and their clothes. 
The event has contained to grow over the years. 
And  events will continue filling up the field over the next two months. 

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