A Powerful Message from Students


On Friday night, local students and residents came together in unity to make their voices heard about their views on violence in schools.

The “Students 4 Change” event took place at Woodrow Wilson Middle School, where more 50 people came out to voice their support to push for change and prevent future violence in schools.

Students and supporters discussed a wide range of topics including gun control,  emotional support for students and the stance by congress on gun laws.

Among those in attendance at the event included Terre Haute police chief John Plasse and Democratic candidate for state representative Norm Loudermilk.

This movement had been in the works since the walkout in March that supported the victims in Parkland High School shooting in Florida.

Student organizers say that even though the shooting may have happened thousands of miles away, it still hits close to home.

“Because unfortunately in today’s world it’s a possibility. And we just kind of thought well this is a national walkout and we want to participate. I think freedom of speech is very important, and we just wanted to be able to have our voices heard.” — Ellie Hampton / Event Organizer , Terre Haute North High School Senior

“I’m hoping to deter the misconception that we’re trying to take away the second amendment and that we’re against guns. Because we’re absolutely not against that. Just that there are some flaws in the system that we would like to fix.” — Hannah Cervantes / Event Organizer , Terre Haute North High School Junior

Several students shared their ideas for proposed changes that they feel could prevent future mass shootings.

Those changes include:

  •     Raising the legal age to buy a rifle from 18 to 21 years-old
  •     A full mental health background check for gun purchasers
  •     And for buyers to pass a firearms training and safety program before they are allowed to purchase a weapon.

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